3. CHEMO continues

I love my daughter’s spirit, her amazing courage while dealing with this.

– Her eyebrows disappear and she draws them neatly in.

– Her eyelashes have thinned out pretty much so she just puts on fake eyelashes when going to a party.

– She plays her grade seven piano exam despite the dread of having chemo the very next day.

– Her hair falls out and she starts wearing a bandana.

– She never blames the cancer or uses it to get out of a tricky situation – bad test results, loosing things…

– She continues to play piano in the Church band.

– She continues to study hard because she wants to finish her last school year and yes life goes on…

– On the days that she feels more herself she is just so intense happy.


We feel blessed by the amount of people who are praying for her, thinking about her.  We feel blessed that we are almost there, almost at the end of this road that started off extremely dark.