My Secret

I have a delicious secret.  Literally delicious.  I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed of my secret and also a bit embarrassed about it.

It always happens when everyone is at work or at school and I am all on my own at home.  My surroundings are nice and quiet, no one grumbling, nagging or interrupting me.  I always convince myself that I can do it because it is my lunch-time break from writing or whatever it is I am doing.  I mean everyone has lunch breaks, even my kids at school.

So yes.

I. Watch. Television. During. The. Day.

In defence of myself it is a kind of educational programme and definitely not a soap.

It’s MasterChef.  The one from down under.  And I just love watching it.

I love the challenges the aspiring chefs are set.

I love to watch how they mix flavours and push themselves to go that extra mile.

I love how they try new stuff.

I love how they sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

I love watching the chefs doing a master class – the little ideas of how to make your food taste even tastier, the tips of how to get something perfect!

I love the involvement of the aspirant chefs, how they are friends  with each other and encourage each other.  How they are really sad when a friend has to leave. (Not as cut-throat as the top model-programmes).  One contestant even wanted to take the place of another one, but that’s against the rules!

I even cry when a favourite goes out (sigh).

And on top of this, I also know all of their names by now – Ben, Emma, Jules,  Amina,  Audra, Kylie, Mindy, Andy, Julia ….. I have built their characters around them.

I know, I know.  This sounds A LOT like a soap, because I am getting to know my characters, I have my favourites, I get nervous when they in the losing team…

But hey, I am a bit of a foodie, I told you before.



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