And So They Do And Speak….

Ireland can be a bewildering place for newcomers with their customs and quirky ways of talking.  I read in the Daily Edge that their is a set of total outdated rules of Irish etiquette for Irish Diplomats.

And so they had come up with new  modern etiquette  rules.

The etiquette rules that I (being a ‘blow in’ myself) can understand and agree with in the sense that Irish people do that, although not necessarily practising it myself, are:

–   Discuss the weather at the beginning of every conversation.

–   The repetition of the word ‘bye’ up to seven (maybe more?)times when exiting a phone conversation is commonplace.

–   When giving you a cup of tea, Irish people will often say ‘now’ for no immediately apparent reason.

–   Someone who has moved in to an area 20 years ago is still a ‘blow in’.

–   It is perfectly acceptable to begin a conversation with ‘did you hear who died?’

–   If someone is a complete asshole, you are to refer to him/her as ‘a bit of a character’.

I would like to add to this the use of certain words and phrases used daily by the Irish.  I have to admit that I am also starting to use some of them by now:

–   ‘c’mere – meaning ‘come here’ when they want to tell you something, so not literally coming closer.

–   Finishing their sentences with ‘so’. Reason is beyond me, but stay long enough and you are also finishing your sentences like that!

–   ‘Y’re man’ when talking about a specific person without using that person’s name.  Do they not know the name and is it necessarily a man?

–   ‘grand’  if something is fine and all right.

Enjoy your day so!



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