food glorious food!

I am a bit of a foodie.   Not a professional foodie.  I just love food and cooking in general.  I am not an excellent cook by any means, but I love trying new flavours or new ways to cook something. Sometimes the new ways work, other times it doesn’t and it becomes chicken-food!

I remember as a child how my mom would always welcome us in the kitchen.  She gave us freedom in the kitchen to explore. From a young age we were encouraged to help in the kitchen and then to bake and cook ourselves.

These day with my own children, I think ‘my poor mom’.  She had five children and everyone (as far as I can remember) enjoyed to cook or bake.  I am sure she just walked out of the kitchen when we started – to not correct us or to not look at the mess we were planning to make.  But there was always the one RULE.  We were allowed to bake or cook, as long as we cleaned the kitchen afterwards.  That worked I suppose!

I remember making fudge and even marshmallows or turkish delight and the disappointment of it staying at the toffee stage, not setting or becoming too crumbly… but if it wasn’t myself there was always a sweet tooth who didn’t mind finishing the not-so-perfect treat.

My mom herself made delicious meals as well as wonderful tasty cakes and cookies and I definitely learnt a lot from her.  Also not to follow the recipe too closely but to use your own imagination a bit, or if you don’t have some ingredient, you substitute.  I still sometimes send her a text to ask her for the right substitute in a certain recipe.

I think that’s the great thing about cooking, you learn lots of little tips from people who have been passing it along over decades.

I sometimes just read cook books because of the ideas you get to try something new.  Recently I got this wonderful recipe book by Rachel Allen (yes, have mentioned her before) and there are so many what I call ‘normal’ recipes.  By this I mean you can just cook what you have in the kitchen tonight, you don’t have to first do a whole shopping in a specialised deli section of your grocery store….  Like I tried pork with garam masala – Indian or Arabian spices.  The great thing is, in this cookbook she explains how to make your own garam masala.  I suppose to google might also work…

Oh well, I love books as well.  But that is another day’s work!



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