wRItiNg WritING wriTiNg

So writing again.

The solitary act of writing has taken over, again.  Yea.

I have had many tunnels of darkness surrounding me in the writing, so much so that I just wanted to bin it, give it up  and do something else.  Recently I even thought maybe I should focus more on pr-writing or something, easy stuff, or if I had to be honest, boring stuff.  But I have been on that road before.  So no.

And I am a journalist.  I studied to become a journalist, I wrote for newspapers and magazines and agencies.  I love writing and have always done it.  It’s in my blood.

Then I moved countries and it was hard getting into a new media scene in a different country.   I was limited because I could mainly work freelance and did that.  When the recession hit, the freelancing dwindled to nothing.  So I wrote little bits here and there, many blogs and many essays.  I started doing a newspaper at a local school with local kids, so I could pass on my knowledge and still use it.   That was fun and still is.

Then I decided to do a writing course and it was fabulous.  It pushed me to my limits, not only the writing bit, but the thinking about the story or how to work the story-bit even further, everything.  Also the getting through the dark tunnel of no-ideas-bit, to continue writing although you don’t know how to continue.

And now I am fired up again to never stop writing – ever.  I have always loved writing, so I shouldn’t give it up, I shouldn’t actually care what others say about my writing, except if I ask them and want their opinion.  And then still view it as exactly that – an opinion.

Happy writing.




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