BirTHDay mEmOrIES!

Today our youngest is nine years old.

So early this morning I was thinking how we celebrated birthdays as children.  We were always very excited when it was our birthdays.  We would make a wish list for the upcoming birthday a few weeks months before.  My parents never inhibited our lists, we could write down whatever we thought we really really wanted or wished for.  In your heart of hearts I suppose you knew you wouldn’t get all the stuff, but you could dream couldn’t you.

Then days before the birthday, the rest of the siblings would get together, usually with my mom, and they would divide the presents, wrap them and make cards or rhymes or whatever special things they could come up with.  On the day of your birthday, my dad would get you from your room and walk you to the living room where everyone would sing you a birthday song.  The living room was usually decorated by this time with lovely chains of beautiful coloured paper in all shapes and sizes.  There was always a homemade birthday cake, so yes you felt really special.

With all this in mind, I was wondering this morning what our youngest would one day remember of his special day.  Because in all fairness I maybe didn’t always commented on the decorations when I was younger, but I always felt extremely special and loved.  I might not have gotten all the wishes on my list, but I received so much, I never thought it wasn’t enough.

I suppose memories eventually were made.

Throughout the day of your birthday you were also off the hook when it came to any kind of housework like helping my mom with dinner, washing the dishes or anything like that.   But not only that, you could choose the dinner you wanted.  So if you wanted pancakes and chocolate cake – you got it!!  Also you had a wonderful weapon up your sleeve if any of your siblings annoyed you.  You could just tell them they were not allowed to play with your new toys.  In fact you could do this days before your birthday already.  So yes you didn’t want this day to stop and go back to the real world!

Yesterday our youngest told me I’ll have to wake him to open his presents, because he might still be asleep this morning.  Well moms know best, because he came to me this morning telling me it was time and we were going to be late if he doesn’t start opening his presents now…..!

I hope he might  one day relate this to his children …..



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