Coffee, coffee, coffee

Well I suppose with a name like ‘with your coffee’ as a blog, it does say something about my relationship with coffee….

I love good strong coffee.  Coffee brewed in an Italian espresso machine.  Warm milk and no sugar.  Perfect!

We started using this espresso machine when we visited Italy some years back and were given the machine as a gift.  Well we have never looked back on coffee machines.  And we have used – not always with great success – the peculator and the plunger.  But the espresso machine came out tops!!   The secret with the espresso machine is that it takes time.  You fill the bottom half with water and the little filter with coffee, put it on the stove and wait for the gurgling sounds.  In the meantime you whisk the milk and heat it. If you don’t have coffee milk, like they have in many Germanic countries (not on sale in Ireland), warm milk is essential.

And in a country where tea is the MAIN drink (apart from Guinness) ten years ago you couldn’t find any good coffee.  In the meantime coffee shops like BB’s, Costa, Starbucks (only in Dublin), Gloria Jean and many more places that sell good coffee have entered the Irish market.  But it seems  coffee isn’t really that popular, because five Irish outlets of Starbucks closed last year – I have to mention that all these outlets were situated in Dublin suburbs.  Maybe the recession and the price of a take-away coffee had something to do with this?  It seems if they also don’t like coffee that much in the UK, because Starbucks  made losses there last year as well.  Nothing can stop Starbucks though, because they are opening shop in Norway.    On the other hand TEA is a favourite and preferable with many English/British people.

Coffee beans  were  first discovered in Ethiopia, but cultivated by the Arab people.  From there it apparently went to Italy and the rest of Europe, Indonesia and America.   In the Arab world ‘Turkish Coffee’ is the most common coffee or ‘kahve’.  I have tried this and although I find it extremely strong and an acquired taste, I can definitely get used to it.

Whatever the case, coffee and how you like it is very personal, but one thing we coffee-drinkers can agree on:  it all starts with the smell….

So on my way to make a coffee!



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