Summer holidays….

These days the summer holidays in this part of the world are just soooo long.  Summer holidays in Ireland start end of May for secondary (high) school children – three months for most secondary pupils!  Someone told me that some 40 years ago most children were needed to help on the farms during the summer and that was why the holidays were always so long.  Children had to work!  They just never bothered changing it, I suppose!

And although I really like the more relaxed days with no tight schedules and constant rushing, I still think it is too long…

I am also totally for the kids to just relax, play and enjoy their holidays, but don’t waste time!

So after some research (including checking with my own teens) I have made a list of things to do during those long summer holidays….many of them are pretty much general knowledge!  Oh yes these don’t include the obvious – television, computer games, facebook, surfing the net …

–          Volunteering at a animal shelter, nursing home, hospital…

–          A summer job if you are old enough

–          Go to a summer camp

–          Do some extra chores and housework

–          Hang out with friends

–          Go for bicycle trips

–          Learn a new musical instrument

–          Learn a new skill like website design

–          Cook once a week

–          Experiment with baking and remember to clean up afterwards

–          Make a scrap book

–          Have a fashion show with friends and let your mom and her pals be the judges

–          Make a movie

–          Break a world record

–          Write a story

–          Create a magazine

And if you have completed the above, I am sure your holidays will be over…sorry



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