the irish Tayto crisp

The Irish might be a laid-back kind of nation, but they are very loyal to their own.  Take the Tayto Potato Crisp-thing.

My son had a friend over the other day and when I offered them some potato crisps, he politely refused because it was not Tayto.  He actually told me in so many words:  “I only like Tayto crisps.”  And Tayto is Irish.

Yes I looked it up and found out the following:  A certain Joe Murphy began a snack food company in 1954 with just two rented rooms in Dublin.  His initial set up costs ran to a grand total of £500 and the entire staff consisted of Joe, his eight employees and a single van.  At the time Tayto crisps sold for 4 pence per bag.  The crisps bags were hand-glued with a tiny paintbrush to guarantee the freshness.

Tayto is well-known for the fact that it (or Joe Murphy) invented the first  Cheese & Onion flavour crisps.  Tayto by now  is something of a cultural phenomenon in Ireland and the word ‘Tayto’ is sometimes used as a synonym for crisps.  There is also a Tayto Park  in Ireland (Co Meath) with lots of different outdoor activities.

And these days they also make popcorn, healthy snacks and have other flavour crisps including salt & vinegar, smokey bacon, ready salted, prawn cocktail and more….

In 1954 Tayto sold 347 packs per day.  Today they sell over 525 packs a minute!  Wow.  And no, I wasn’t ask to give them some advertising, I was just curious.



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