the cello

Cello : A cello isolated on a black background

When my two daughters were both taking music classes at a Music School here, I always had to wait in the car for an hour or so.  So I would rush to do some necessary shopping, or sit and read in the car, or just waste time.  One day I just had enough with the waiting around and decide to ask if they also teach adults – any kind of instrument…. (should have done that a bit sooner).  Yes we have many adult learners, was the enthusiastic answer.   I think it is because adults do their homework.  They know they don’t have the rest of their lives to learn an instrument or music theory.  And they want to do it!  Most importantly they do it for themselves.  There is no rivalry….

Somehow I decided on the cello.  Until today I am not sure why.  I just heard different pieces played – yea ok by Yo Yo Ma, by Jacqueline de Pree, by…. but still.  The sound.  The sound.  So I asked about cello lessons.  No problem there was a time slot available in the exact time when my daughters were busy with their lessons.  Wow this was falling in my lap.

Slight problem though.  I have no cello.  And they are expensive. No problem.  They can provide me with a cello because the School has a few cellos.  And until I really want to carry on playing – in other words if I can figure how to play it – then I can use that cello.  Well this was meant to be….

So I started.  And I fell head over heels in love with my cello, with the music, with the sound.  Not really the sound that I was making on the cello, but the sound in my head of what it should sound like!!  And maybe the sound which I might make on the cello one day.

A few facts about the cello:

–          The word cello derives from violoncello.

–          It  is the second largest instrument in the violin family.

–          The cello has been described as sounding the closest to the human voice.

–          The cello evolved from the bass violin and by 1700 the cello phased out the bass violin in Italy.

–          Cellos are usually made from wood such as spruce or poplar willow and are hand carved.

–          The front and back of cellos have a carved out design called a purfling which helps prevent cracks in the body of the cello.

–          You play the cello sitting down – lazy….

–          Cello music is written in the bass clef.

–          It is an octave lower than a viola and an octave and a fifth lower than a violin.

Cello : scroll on music sheetCello : Playing the celloCello : part of an antique violinCello : an image of a Violin in violin case Stock Photo


After playing for about two years hubby gave me a cello for my birthday!  What can I say?  He believes in me!    The best thing is, the more you play, the better the sound.  I also joined the school’s Cello-orchestra – Cellissimo – and we play wonderful music;  classical, contemporary, funky… everything!

And I am still playing.




8 thoughts on “the cello

  1. Oh! I love music! ESPECIALLY the string section of the orchestra! I play the violin but I think the cello is a wonderful instrument! Keep up the good work!

  2. I loved reading about your discovery! I’m a Classical Cellist here in the states and I also had my own discovery moment with the cello that I just simply had to write about. Isn’t it fantastic to find your voice in an instrument?

    • Thank you for your comment and indeed it is wonderful to find ‘your’ instrument. I am preparing for grade 6 in the cello, but the beauty is I can do this at my own pace! I am going to read your blog now!!!

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