Irish weather

In Ireland everyone always comments on the weather… and so do I.

In my part of Ireland the weather has been fabulous over the past, dare I say, weeks.  With temperatures creeping up to 18, 19 Celsius, I am holding my breath (with a thousand others) that this summer will really be hot – hot for months, not a few days!!!  Off course the doom prophets are having a field day, because it has been predicted that March will be beautiful, dry and sunny and April will be wet wet wet….

Anyway lets enjoy the weather for the moment with the cherry blossoms in full bloom making the world look really pretty, the birds happily singing in their trees, the laundry drying outside (for a change), most people feeling upbeat….

I suppose in Ireland no one takes the weather for granted.  When the sun is shining people go outside and do outside things.  They go to parks and walks and do anything related to the outdoors!

So I have to post this on my blog before it starts to rain….



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